Israeli Police Officer Injured After Suspect Drives Into Him in Escape Bid

A 31-year-old man from the Druze village of Daliyat el-Carmel was arrested

FILE PHOTO: A police checkpoint, December 2018.
Gil Eliahu

An Israel Police officer was injured Saturday night after a suspect attempted to escape from a checkpoint officers placed on the road near Haifa

 According to police, the officer noticed a vehicle driving suspiciously and told the driver to stop, but the latter sped away. The officer followed him on a motorbike until the driver reached a police checkpoint put up to stop him. 

Remnants from the suspect's car, March 23, 2018.
Police spokesperson's unit

When the suspect saw the barrier he reversed the car, hit the officer and fled the scene. 

Police identified the suspect using scraps from the car left behind. A 31-year-old man from the Druze village of Daliyat el-Carmel was arrested and will be brought to the Haifa Magistrate’s Court.

The officer was taken to the hospital for further treatment.