Memes of Minister's 'Jerusalem Dress' at Cannes Are the Best Thing on Israeli Internet

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Images of Regev's dress with the West Bank separation barrier, the iconic photograph by David Rubinger, and war in Gaza.
Internet memes of Regev's dress with the West Bank separation barrier, the iconic photograph by David Rubinger, and war in Gaza.Credit: Facebook

Culture Minister Miri Regev attended an event at the Cannes film festival in a designer dress bearing the skyline of the Old City of Jerusalem, Western Wall and Al-Aqsa mosque included. The Israeli internet, needless to say, went wild.

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The dress was designed for Regev by Aviad Arik Herman, and according to a press release, the minister “wanted the dress to express in its spirit the beauty of Jerusalem, in honor of the 50th anniversary of its liberation and unification.” The dress drew both political and satirical responses:

Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev at the Cannes Film Festival, May 17, 2017.Credit: Eli Sabati/Facebook

One Israeli Arab posted an image of Regev's dress with the West Bank separation barrier, highlighting the plight of Palestinians.

Others took a more humorous approach, superimposing the famous alien invasion from the film Independence Day on Jerusalem.

Other Israelis were quick to point out that for all its historic luster, Jerusalem is still a highly volatile city, with clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces a recurring event in the city's Palestinian part.

Others used the dress as a canvas to remind Israelis about the ever present threat of a war in Gaza.

However, some poked fun at Regev by wholeheartedly embracing her theme of Jerusalem, with one plastering the iconic photograph by David Rubinger of Israeli paratroopers liberating the Western Wall during the Six Day War in 1967.

On Twitter, Raz Tsipiris created a version for Tel Aviv, replacing Jerusalem with a local diner on the bottom half of the right wing minister's dress.

Even Netanyahu got pulled into the fray

Others just used the format to promote themselves.

Peace Now, the anti-settlement watchdog, posted its own version calling Israelis to attend a rally in favor of the two-state solution.

Shoshke Engelmayer, the fictional alter ego of Zeev Engelmayer, one of Israel's most famous cartoonists, used Regev's dress to highlight Shoshke's political affiliation with Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, Israeli heavy metal band Cain and Able 90210 used to promote their upcoming show

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