Israeli Man Indicted for 3 Counts of Manslaughter in Hit-and-run

Shushan Barabi, known associate of reputed mobsters, is charged in the hit-and-run deaths of three women in Netanya a month ago.

An Israeli man was indicted Friday for his involvement in a hit-and-run car accident in Netanya, in which three women were killed.

Shushan Barabi was charged with three counts of manslaughter, abandoning his victims, obstruction of justice, and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

"The circumstances we're facing are very severe," stated attorney Aviv Sharon from the central district prosecutor's office, while making a request to remand Barabi during ongoing legal proceedings. "The defendant's driving following consumption of alcoholic beverages was like a ticking bomb, and was a great danger to the public. Unfortunately that danger did take long to be realized, as a catastrophic car accident ensued. That the defendant and his friends abandoned the three women before he went into hiding until being found by the police, and the obstruction of the investigation carried out by Yohai Glicksman, show that the defendant was focused and conscious of his actions, and cannot attempt to object the court's ruling."

According to facts found in the written indictment, on the day of the accident, Barabi drank at least seven glasses of beer, and one glass of vodka between 2:00 P.M. and 7:40 P.M. At the time of the accident, Barabi's blood alchohol level was well over the legal limit. Although he was intoxicated, Barabi got into the car with Oren Hanuna, to begin to make his way home, according to Barabi's statement. The two did not wear seatbelts, and drove at a high speed with music playing inside the car at a very high volume.

While driving, Barabi arrived at the intersection of Ben Tsvi and Greenboim streets in Netanya as Svetlana Yegodayev, 56, of Dimona, her daughter Shoshana, 25, also of Dimona, and their cousin Alexandra Rubinov, 67, of Netanya were walking in the intersection's crosswalk. Barabi did not notice the three women, and hit them head on, killing them on the spot. Barabi and Hanuna realized what happened, and decided to quickly flee the scene.

Barabi's car was damaged during the accident and stopped 156 meters from the scene. Barabi and Hanuna exited the vehicle, assessed the damage, attempted to start the car's engine, and failed to do so. The two then fled the scene on foot, without attempting to provide any assistance to the three women, who were laying dead only dozens of meters away.

"The defendant and Oren, who knew that the accident had caused at least severe injuries and possible deaths, but did not stop at the scene to bear responsibility for their actions, or call for help. Instead, they continued driving north, until their vehicle stopped 156 meters from the scene of the accident due to damage," read the indictment.

Barabi then called his wife, and set a place for her to pick him up. While planning his escape, Barabi spoke to Yohai Glicksman, an acquaintance, and asked him to take responsibility for the accident by falsely testifying to police. Barabi told Glicksman that an accident had occurred, but did not give him all of the details.

Glicksman was told he would be arrested, but Barabi promised him a lawyer that would have him out of jail within 24 hours.

As Glicksman went to the police, Barabi knew that he would be arrested for the deaths of three individuals, but did not make Glicksman aware of that fact.

But after investigators told him he could face a long prison sentence, Glicksman recanted and said Barabi pressured him into taking the rap for him. Investigators had noted during his initial confession that Glicksman did not know important details about the accident. The police representative at Glicksman's detention hearing Saturday night told the court, in requesting that he remain under arrest, that there was an immediate danger that he could attempt to obstruct the investigation.

Following his conversation with Glicksman, Barabi fled and hid in a storage facility in an industrial area of Netanya, until he was arrested on August 20. Police found traces of cocaine and hashish in the facility.