Israeli Man Faces Five Years in Prison for Failing to Inform Partners of STD

Dekel Sasonker admits to sleeping with three women without telling them about his condition, infecting at least one.

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Dekel Sasonker, 25, was sentenced to 57 months in jail under a plea agreement for failing to disclose his STD to three sexual partners.
Dekel Sasonker, 25, was sentenced to 57 months in jail under a plea agreement for failing to disclose his STD to three sexual partners.Credit: Israel Police

A Dimona man was sentenced to 57 months in prison on Monday for having sex with three women while concealing the fact that he had a sexually transmitted disease.

Dekel Sasonker, 25, was convicted under a plea agreement on three counts of committing an act liable to spread disease. He was charged with having sex with two complainants, one of them a minor, without telling them he was a carrier of the disease. He was also charged with not telling another complainant about his disease and infecting her with it via sexual contact.

Sasonker was arrested in August, and the time spent he has spent in jail since his arrest will be reduced from his sentence. In his ruling, Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court Judge Tzahi Ouziel said, “Courts have in the past expressed their position regarding the severity of the acts of the type for which the accused was convicted, and the way they seriously undermine the social values of preserving another person’s security and bodily autonomy, including their freedom to decide with whom and how to have sexual relations.”

The judge stressed that, “Unlike in the past, being a carrier of the disease is considered a chronic condition and not a terminal illness, and it is known that there is a treatment that allows one to live with it, but one cannot ignore the ramifications of being a carrier on the way of life of someone who’s infected.”

However, the judge agreed to accept the plea bargain, saying the sentence reached was proportional, inter alia because Sasonker accepted responsibility and suffers from the disease himself, and because of his personal circumstances and the consequence of a lengthy sentence on his family.

The Tel Aviv District Attorney’s office said in response to the sentence that, “the offenses for which the accused was convicted testify to a seriously moral defect in his behavior, since he knew he had an infectious disease and still had sex with the complainants, among them a minor, while betraying their confidence and concealing his illness. Even when asked by one of the complainants, he denied being ill and thus decreed on the complainant the serious result of becoming infected, which she will have to cope with her whole life. The sentence imposed on the accused is a fitting punishment that reflects the seriousness of his actions, the way he put the complainants at risk, and the great damage he caused to the complainant who was infected.”

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