Israeli Man Allegedly Jails Girlfriend for a Week After She Refused to Have an Abortion

Police arrest three men suspected of threatening and holding the 18-year-old woman captive in her apartment; after a week in a dark basement she was able to contact police.

Police have recently arrested three men in their twenties suspected of jailing a young woman in an apartment in the northern Israeli city of Shfaram for a week after she refused to undergo an abortion.

The 18-year-old woman, a resident of one of the Arab villages in southern Israel, was held in the apartment by her boyfriend and his friends after she had gotten pregnant with his child and then refused to have an abortion.

Israel Police.
Daniel Bar-On

After a week, the woman succeeded in contacting the police and told them that she was being held in a dark basement in Shfaram. The police was then able to locate both the woman and the suspects.

Shfaram's police chief told Haaretz that a few months ago the young woman left her home and moved to Shfaram due to a relationship she was having with a resident of the city.. The woman stayed with friends in the city and stayed in contact with the young man.

A few weeks ago, the young woman told the man she was pregnant and said that she wished them to get married and have the baby. The man refused and insisted she would have an abortion, and threatened her that if she doesn't, he and his friends would do it themselves.

The police chief said that after she refused the ultimatum, , the man and two of his friends confined the young woman to an abandoned apartment in Shfaram. The woman said that one of the suspects brought her food and drinks and sometimes even provided her with a cell phone so she can contact her family and tell them she is still in Shfaram and that they shouldn't be worried.

After being jailed in the apartment for a week, she used the cell phone to contact a police station in southern city of Be'er Sheva. The woman could tell the cops she was in Shfaram, but did not know her exact location. After receiving the information, the Shfaram police station used the cell phone's signal to locate the origin of the call, and was able to find the man and arrest him.

Immediately after the arrest, one of the other suspects moved the young woman out of the apartment and left her by the road near the city's entrance. A police car found her and the two accomplices were arrested on Monday morning. Police said that the three suspects have a criminal record. Meanwhile, the woman was transferred to the care of social services.