Israeli Maimed in Jerusalem Pipe Bomb Blast

Municipal worker loses arm when trash bag explodes during removal; police yet to determine whether incident was criminally motivated or terror attack.

A Jerusalem municipal worker was moderately wounded on Sunday, after what police believed to be a pipe bomb exploded in the capital in the early morning hours.

The man lost his forearm in the explosion and was evacuated to nearby Hadassah University Hospital. Police have yet to determine whether the bombing was criminally motivated or a terrorist attack.

Tomer Appelbaum

A preliminary investigation of the incident showed that two municipal waste workers stumbled upon a trash bag filled with explosives on a traffic island near the Mar Elias Monestary on Jerusalem's Hebron Road.

The workers picked the bag up, intending to dispose it in a nearby waste facility, when it exploded, wounding one man; the second man was unharmed.

Members of the Israel Police bomb squad unit are dismantling a nearby waste bin to rule out the possibility of another bomb.