Israeli Lawmaker Caught on Tape Vandalizing Car of Party Member in Knesset Parking Lot

Knesset parking wars: Zionist Union MKs mark their territory with pink lipstick

Svetlova's lipstick message

Member of Knesset Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Union) was caught writing in lipstick on her colleague Leah Fadida's (Zionist Union) window.

Svetlova was apparently angry because Fadida's car was in her parking spot, and wrote "don't park in other people's parking spots" in pink lipstick.

Others at the Knesset confirmed that Svetlova was caught in action by security cameras.

Fadida noticed the message shortly thereafter, and was told by others present that Svetlova was the perpetrator.

The Knesset security officer opened an investigation into the event.

Svetlova posted her response to the event on Twitter, noting that she and Fadida worked things out, and that Fadida had returned to the Knesset only a day earlier in Erel Margalit's place.

"Friends, calm down," she wrote, "Leah Fadida and I are close friends. There was a misunderstanding, and I apologized for what happened. We talked it through, and now we're good."

"And by the way, we both love pink lipstick," she added.