Israeli Killed as IDF, Terrorists Exchange Fire Along Egypt Border

IDF shoots and kills two of the terrorists who penetrated the border and set off an explosive device near a construction team working on the border fence; IDF still searching for remaining gunmen.

An Israeli citizen and two terrorists were killed Monday morning during clashes between Israel Defense Forces soldiers and gunmen who infiltrated the southern border with Egypt.

An initial investigation reveals that three terrorists penetrated the fence along the Gaza-Sinai border on Monday morning, placed an explosive device on Philadelphi strip near Be'er Milka, and waited for Israeli vehicles to pass by.

After several minutes, the device exploded on one of the vehicles, and the gunmen opened fire. They also fired an RPG rocket, which missed its target. As a result of the shooting, one of vehicles rolled down a hill and wounded an Israeli citizen who was working on the construction of the border fence. The man died of his wounds shortly afterward.

The IDF's Golani Brigade arrived at the scene and began exchanging fire with the armed men. At least two terrorists were killed as a result of the firefight, and IDF soldiers began searching for the third terrorist. Other than the two bodies of the terrorists, IDF forces found Kalashnikov assault rifles, grenades, helmets, bullet-proof vests, and camouflage clothing.

A short while later, the IDF ruled out the possibility that the third gunman remains in Israeli territory, and believed the terror cell returned to Sinai. Egyptian forces began searching for the gunman.

Israeli communities near the border have been put on high alert, and Route 10 and 12 were blocked for incoming traffic for several hours.

The attack followed a few days of intelligence warnings.

On Sunday night, a Qassam rocket was fired toward the Eshkol Regional Council. No one was wounded in the overnight attack.

Overnight Friday, rockets were fired toward Ovda and Mitzpeh Ramon, which Israeli security officials say were launched after a request by senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Remains of a rocket, 12 millimeters in diameter, were found Saturday morning near Ovda, which is north of Eilat.