Israeli General Strike: List of Closures

The guide to what institutions and services are affected during Wednesday's general strike.

The following will be closed during the general strike on Wednesday:

  • All government ministries
  • National Insurance Institute
  • Unemployment offices
  • Municipalities − no office hours, parking tickets or garbage pick-up
  • Religious councils
  • Chief Rabbinate
  • Courts
  • Tax Authority
  • University administration workers
  • Trains
  • Ports
  • Na’amat and WIZO day-care centers
  • Banks
  • Stock Exchange
  • Habima, Beit Lessin and the Cameri theaters
  • Municipal museums and the Diaspora Museum
  • Educational Television
  • Agricultural councils
  • Ben-Gurion International Airport will be on strike from 6 A.M. to noon. ‏(Airlines have changed their schedules in and out of Israel to minimize inconvenience to travelers.‏)
  • Public hospitals and Magen David Adom will operate on Saturday schedules

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Moti Milrod