Israeli Driver Loses License After Clip of Him Speeding Posted on Facebook

In unprecedented ruling, Acre Traffic Court relies on video evidence showing BMW speeding at 260 km/h down Coastal Highway.

The Acre Traffic Court on Sunday made a precedential ruling to strip a driver of his license after the defendant was filmed speeding down the coastal highway and posted the evidence on Facebook.

The defendant was charged in October 2010 for negligent driving at an unreasonable speed – 260 km/hr - and of endangering public life as a result. His license will be revoked until all legal proceedings against him are complete.

Indictments were also served against two passengers who were in the vehicle at the time, for allegedly encouraging the act.

"After considering the case material and the actual video clip, I have come to the conclusion that at this stage there is evidence that the crime was committed by the defendant," Judge Avishai Kaufman said in his ruling on Sunday.

The passengers of the car had filmed their friend speeding in his BMW toward Haifa, and later posted the video on Facebook – leading police to open their investigation.

Defense attorneys Ziv and Ronit Gilad, who are representing the defendants, claimed that the investigation had been based on inaccurate evidence.

"The indictment is based on a film recorded by a cellular phone. The video was not recorded by a device that is able to accurately estimate speed," they said. "The kind of vehicle outlined in the indictment is restricted by the manufacturer to a speed of 250km/h and is thus not capable of reaching the accused speed of 260km/h," they added.

"Even if the video could be relied upon, it shows that the car's warning lights are all on, which indicates that the vehicle is not capable of estimating the speed at which the vehicle traveled," said the defense team.

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Alon Ron