Israeli Doctors Launch Last-minute Hospital Strike

Move comes as National Union Court rejects state's appeal for injunction; further disruptions are expected in hospitals throughout the week.

The Israel Medical Association launched a strike on Monday in public hospitals, after the National Union court rejected the state's request appeal for an injunction order.

The court also rejected a request by the resident doctors' union for official representation in the negotiations. The decision marks a victory for the Israel Medical Association, who has been criticized by the residents for capitulating and agreeing to terms that they deem less than optimal.

Medical students, doctors' strike - 22.7.11
Dudu Bakar

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The IMA said the strike will be proportional. On Tuesday, only urgent and oncological operations will be performed in hospitals, and further steps are planned for the rest of the week.

The doctors have been on strike for 16 weeks. Calls increased last week for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to intervene and bring about a breakthrough in the talks.