Israeli Man Crosses Into Lebanon, Hands Himself Over to Lebanese Army

According to the Israeli army, he is the son of a South Lebanon Army soldier who fled to Israel in 2000

File photo: Israeli soldiers patrol a section of the Israel-Lebanon border.
Yaron Kaminsky

An Israeli man has crossed the border into Lebanon, the Israeli army said Thursday. According to Lebanese media, the 31-year-old, Shadi Butros Mezher, handed himself over the Lebanese army after crossing into the country through Israel's northern border.

The IDF's spokesperson unit reported that the man is the son of South Lebanon Army soldier who fled to Israel with his family in 2000 when the Israeli army withdrew from Lebanon.

Last February, an Israeli civilian crossed the border into Lebanon and was returned to UNIFIL. The 55-year-old resident of Jerusalem was interrogated by Israeli security forces and was subsequently released, after he was deemed to suffer from mental illness.