Israeli Border Policeman Critically Wounded in West Bank Car-ramming Attack

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The scene of the attack at Halhul Junction, November 4, 2015.Credit: MDA

An Israeli border policeman, 20, was critically wounded on Wednesday in a car-ramming attack at the Halhul Junction in the West Bank.

The assailant, a Palestinian resident of Hebron, was shot and killed. He was identified as Ibrahim Saqafi, 23.

According to initial reports, the Palestinian motorist swerved suddenly toward a group of Israelis standing at the junction. The victim suffered multisystem trauma and was rushed to a Jerusalem hospital.    

On Tuesday, the Gilboa crossing point close to Jenin, in the West Bank, was closed off until further notice after a man armed with a pipe bomb and a knife was arrested in the vicinity.

Several violent incidents have occurred in the vicinity of the crossing point in the days before. On Monday, Israel Defense Forces soldiers killed one Palestinian and detained another for planning to stab a soldier from the Bedouin tracker unit, according to the army.

That followed an attempt by two Palestinians to stab members of the security forces on Saturday. Both were shot and killed by guards from the ministry's crossings authority.