Israeli Ex-convict Killed in Thailand in Suspected Mob Hit

Security camera footage shows a car slamming into Maor Malul's motorcycle repeatedly, and suspects were also documented stabbing him ■ Two Israelis arrested

A car is seen plowing into a motorcycle in security footage of the incident that claimed an Israeli criminal's life in Thailand.
Screenshot/ Matichon Online

An Israeli man was killed in Thailand on Sunday in what police suspect was a mob hit. Two Israelis linked to the "Israeli mafia" in the country were reportedly arrested on suspicion of murder.

Maor Malul, a member of an organized crime group, had served time in Israel for attempted murder, was killed on the island of Ko Samui. 

Security camera footage shows a Honda slamming into the motorcycle on which Malul and his wife were riding. Afterward, the car is seen reversing speedily in order to hit Malul, who tried to flee. After a few dozen meters the car can be seen hitting Malul again, and then two of its occupants get out, stab him and flee the scene. The bleeding Malul still manages to get up but then loses consciousness.

Thai media outlets have reported that local police arrested two Israelis linked to the "Israeli mafia" on suspicion of murder.

Malul, who is affiliated with one of the crime organizations in the Israeli coastal city Netanya, was sentenced to 20 months’ imprisonment in 2016 for the attempted murder of Baruch Bokal, one of the crime bosses in the city. The assumption is that Malul was murdered as revenge for the attempt on Bokal’s life.

In recent years Thailand has become a preferred arena of operation for senior Israeli crime figures. A senior police official said in the past that the crime organizations of Michael Mor, Shalom Domrani and Yaniv Zaguri, who was recently extradited to Israel from China for the murder of two witnesses scheduled to testify against him, are operating in Thailand. 

“After they realized that it’s hard for them to operate in Israel because of the intelligence coverage, they’ve started to work abroad,” the official said.

Israel now has a police officer stationed in Thailand to help the local police fight Israeli crime in the country.