Israeli Counterterrorism Bureau Warns of Attacks on Israelis During High Holidays

Foreign Ministry contacts tourist destinations popular with Israelis to beef up security.

Ahead of the Jewish High Holidays, the Prime Minister's Office's Counterterrorism Bureau issued a travel advisory on Wednesday warning Israelis planning trips abroad.

The travel advisory said that the Counterterrorism Bureau estimates that the motivation of terrorist organizations to attack Israeli targets is still high, even after the recent attack in Bulgaria, in which five Israelis and the Bulgarian bus driver were killed, and despite a number of foiled attempts during the past year to target Israelis around the world.

The bureau noted that Iran and Hezbollah are continuing their efforts to carry out additional attacks, either by Iran's Revolutionary Guard or by local terrorist cells. The most dangerous destination for Israelis, the bureau says, is in the Sinai peninsula.

"Even if this adversary failed a number of times and was caught in Thailand and India, we still obtained evidence that it is professional and that it knows to work discreetly," the bureau stated during a briefing Wednesday. "There were bombing attempts in every continent. It is a world-wide campaign and an Iranian effort, and we expected it to expand."

In an attempt to address these concerns, the bureau and the Foreign Ministry began asking countries frequented by Israeli tourists to beef up security, fearing attacks against Jewish and Israeli targets during the holiday season.

Among the countries the Foreign Ministry said it contacted were Cyprus, Greece, Thailand, Ukraine and Bulgaria, whose local police forces were asked to keep vigilant and keep a close eye on sites frequented by Israelis.