Israeli Consulate in New York Closed After White Powder, Netanyahu Death Threat Received

The consulate was re-opened and staff allowed to exit once the white subtance had been identified as safe ■ The PM is arriving in New York this evening ahead of the UN General Assembly

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a ceremony with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (out of frame) to sign agreements at the Narino palace in Bogota on September 13, 2017.

The Israeli consulate in New York was shut down on Friday after an envelope containing white powder and a death threat to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived to the building, Israel's media has reported.

Workers were reportedly barred from exiting the building, which also houses Israel's UN mission, until the substance could be identified. The consulate has since been reopened after the powder was deemed safe.

The prime minister is due to land in New York this evening, ahead of a UN General Assembly meeting where he will be meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump. Netanyahu is scheduled to address the assembly on Tuesday.