Israeli Club Owner Gets 4 Years and Nine Months Behind Bars Over Sexual Assaults

The Tel Aviv Court noted that Alon Kastiel had admitted to his crimes but said the violence couldn't be overlooked

Revital Hovel
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Alon Kastiel in Tel Aviv District Court in January 2018.
Alon Kastiel in Tel Aviv District Court in January 2018.Credit: Moti Milrod
Revital Hovel

Tel Aviv District Court sentenced nightclub owner Alon Kastiel on Monday to four years and nine months behind bars

Kastiel, 37, had admitted to the offenses against four women. He is expected to begin serving his sentence on August 23.

He has also been fined 15,000 to 50,000 shekels apiece in compensation.

Kastiel was convicted of being a serial offender. The judgement against him says he would every now and again target a new victim, “ignoring her will, her dignity and right to her own body.” He would invade their privacy and cause them serious harm, the judges wrote.

The prosecution had asked for an eight-year jail term. Kastiel's lawyer had suggested one and a half years, citing time already spent under house arrest, the damage to him and family and the fact he had admitted to his crimes.

“He knows he invaded the intimate space of strange women and is broken up about it,” his legal representative said. He was also said to have hopes of rehabilitating his life with his spouse and daughters.

Kastiel had admitted to his crimes in a plea bargain and asked his victims for forgiveness. He spent the entire trial under house arrest.

Neither his representatives nor the prosecution are expected to appeal the sentence.

The panel of judges said they had factored in that Kastiel had sought private therapy for sex offenders, though they also had to consider the severity of his actions, the exploitation of his victims and abuse of status.

The original indictment against Kastiel included rape, which was downgraded to attempted rape. He was also accused of molestation by force, and sexual harassment of four women rather than five as in the original charges.

Altogether 14 complaints had been filed with police, two of which are still pending an inquiry.