Israeli Caught Trying to Smuggle in Diamonds Worth 2.5 Million Dollars

The man, a diamond dealer, to be brought to court on Sunday. Authorities also arrest man trying to smuggle 2,000 fake Viagra pills from India.

An Israeli diamond dealer was caught in Ben Gurion International Airport on the weekend trying to smuggle into the country diamonds worth 2.5 million dollars. Haaretz has learned that he will be brought before a judge on Sunday.

The man was arrested by the airport's customs unit, headed by Rafi Gabai. He had tried to go through the "green lane" without declaring goods as required by law. The diamonds were found after he was searched.

Ben Gurion - David Bachar - May 5, 2011
David Bachar

Meanwhile, a former head of a kindergarten for foreign children in Tel Aviv was caught trying to smuggle in 2,000 fake Viagra pills from India last week. The man, of Indian origin and who is in the process of converting to Judaism, had lost a large sum of money when the kindergarten failed to generate business. The fake pills were worth about 50,000 shekels.