Israeli Army Strikes Group of Palestinians Approaching Gaza Border

Palestinians approached border fence along southern Strip and placed a suspicious object nearby, Israeli army says

File photo: A young Palestinian protester uses a slingshot to hurl stones at Israeli forces during clashes following a demonstration at the Israel-Gaza border, on September 7, 2018

An Israel Air Force jet targeted several Palestinians who approached the Gaza border fence on Monday night, the Israeli military said. 

The group had approached the border fence along the southern Gaza Strip and placed a suspicious object nearby, the army added.

Earlier on Monday, the Israeli army said a hand grenade attached to a balloon was found in a field in Israeli territory close to the border with Gaza.

Since April 2018, Palestinians in Gaza have begun sending flaming kites and baloons toward Israel, prompting a debate within the Israeli defense establishment on what kind of military response Israel could give.

On Saturday, some 450 Palestinian protesters rallied along the Gaza border hurling rocks and hand grenades toward Israeli troops. The clashes came after three Palestinians were killed by Israeli army fire during confrontations along the Israel-Gaza border fence Friday.

The total number number of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli troops during the weekly Friday protests that began in March has climbed to 178.

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