Israeli Army Strikes Hamas Position After Force Attacked Near Gaza Border

No Palestinians were wounded in the attack, according to reports in Gaza.

FILE PHOTO: Israeli Merkava tank taking position along the southern border with the Gaza Strip (Back) on December 25, 2013.

The Israeli army fired at a Hamas post in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday morning, the IDF Spokesperson's Office said.

The strike, carried out by a tank, was in retaliation to fire that was directed at an IDF unit working near the border fence in the area earlier in the day, the army said.

No Palestinians were wounded in the attack, according to reports in Gaza. 

Last week the IDF announced that it has identified Hamas’ methods of using fake social networking profiles to penetrate soldiers’ cellphones and extract sensitive information.

Hamas has used fake identities, usually those of young women, often posing as wishing to make aliyah to Israel, to entice combat soldiers to be in contact with them. After the initial contacts, the soldiers are asked to download an application for video conversations. After the soldiers download the apps, the fake women disappear and cut off contact with the soldiers.

Dozens of soldiers have fallen prey to these tactics, including a number of officers in the professional military who thought they were meeting young women – but in reality they were Hamas agents.

Last month, it was reported that Israeli security forces have arrested members of a Hamas cell that was in the West Bank that had planned to carry out suicide bombings in Jerusalem and Haifa. According to the Shin Bet, the cell consisted of more than 20 members. 

The Shin Bet said that cell set up a laboratory in Nablus about six months ago, where they produced about 7 kilograms (more than 15 pounds) of TATP explosives that was used to prepare explosive devices.

Last month, an Israeli tank fired into the Gaza Strip responding to what the army said was cross-border gunfire at Israeli forces along the border with Palestinian coastal enclave.

According to the army, the tank targeted Hamas positions. They said no soldiers were hurt after coming under gunfire along the border fence between Israel and the Hamas-run Strip.

In November, the IDF said troops had fired shots to disperse Palestinians trying to breach the Gaza border fence and authorities were investigating reports that one person had been killed. A few days earlier, the army apprehended two armed men suspected of crossing the Gaza border fence into Israel.

In October, there were four incidents of rocket fire into Israel, with the Israeli air force responding by hitting Hamas targets in Gaza.