Israeli Army Attacks Hamas Position in Gaza After Fire Opened on IDF Post Near Strip

Israeli army shells Hamas post in retaliation for attack ■ Netanyahu: Best for Hamas to understand now that Israel will respond more forcefully

File photo: Protests at the Gaza-Israel fence in January 2019.
Eliyahu Hershkovitz

An Israeli tank shelled a military post belonging to Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday afternoon after fire was opened on Israel Defense Forces infrastructure situated near the border  fence, the Israeli military said.

According to the Israeli army, no injuries were reported.

Other reports indicate that fire was opened on an IDF post.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned after the incident that "Hamas should understand now that any form of aggression will be answered with a more forceful, resolute response.  It is advisable for them to understand that now rather than later."

Touring the fence at the Egypt-Israel border, Netanyahu also said that the fence was "a phenomenal success. It completely stopped the infiltration of hundreds of thousands from Africa and the entry to Israel of terrorists from the Sinai."

Earlier Thursday, Gaza's Health Ministry reported that a 15-year-old Palestinian had died from Israeli gunfire during nighttime skirmishes along the fence separating Israel and the Gaza Strip.

On Wednesday evening, the army said it activated the Iron Dome missile defense system evening when a projectile was fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel. The military confirmed that IDF fighter jets and aircraft struck military targets in a Hamas compound in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the projectile launch.