Israeli Arab Charged With Plotting to Plant a Bomb on a Tel Aviv Bus

Anas Haj Yahiya of the town of Taibeh, who is said to have sworn allegiance to ISIS, is accused of consenting through a contact who claimed to be in Gaza to plan to bomb a bus on Dizengoff Street.

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An Israeli Arab resident of Taibeh was indicted on Monday for allegedly planning to bomb a bus on Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Street, the Central District prosecutor's office has announced.

Anas Haj Yahiya of the town of Taibeh is accused of agreeing to plant explosives on a bus in which Israeli soldiers would be riding and to have received instructions on how to construct an explosives device and to detonate it. He was also allegedly instructed by a contact who represented himself as being in Gaza to purchase the components necessary for the device.

The prosecution alleges that the contacts over the plans to bomb the bus began in May of last year over the Telegram Web-based texting service in which Haj Yahiya and others in a social networking group spoke about the ideology of the Islamic State and swore allegiance to the organization.

Haj Yahiya also allegedly spoke about setting up a military cell and raising money for the cell. The statement from the prosecutor's office did not allege that the accused took steps to carry out the plans, but noted that it has asked that he be held in custody until the end of legal proceedings against him.