WATCH: Israel Releases Animated Video Likening Iran to ISIS

Video's release coincides with deadline set by world powers and Islamic Republic to reach an interim deal on the latter's nuclear program.

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A screengrab from the Israeli video likening Iran to ISIS, released June 30, 2015.

The Israeli government released a video on Tuesday comparing Iran to the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL.

The animated video depicts ISIS fighters, brandishing rifles and murdering white men in orange jump suits, before the narrator says "Imagine how dangerous Islamic State would be if it had armored divisions, fighter jets, and ballistic missiles. Imagine Islamic State building atomic bombs."

A screengrab from the Israeli video likening Iran to ISIS, released June 30, 2015.

Then, as the militant driving a tank transforms into a character resembling an Iranian cleric, the narrator says, "Well, maybe it's not that hard to imagine," before reaching the punch line: "The Islamic State of Iran. Like ISIS. Just much bigger."

The video was published on the Prime Minister of Israel Facebook page and IsraeliPM YouTube account, timed to coincide with a deadline set by world powers and Iran to reach an interim agreement over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program. The negotiations, however, were extended by a week.

Earlier this month, the Foreign Ministry released an animated clip portraying foreign journalists inaccurately reporting on the goings-on in the Gaza Strip during last summer's Operation Protective Edge. The video was released as part of Israel's diplomatic effort and hasbara campaign ahead of the release of the United Nations Human Rights Council's report on the conflict.

The Foreign Ministry later removed the video, after criticism and complaints from representatives of the foreign press, saying "The aim of the video was to illustrate Hamas' crimes, and once it was interpreted otherwise it was decided to remove it."