Israeli Air Force Kills Three Gaza Militants Engaged in Rocket Launch

Forth man severely wounded; IDF says the cell was involved in previous launchings.

An Israeli airstrike on Wednesday evening, killed three Palestinians and left one severely wounded. The four were reportedly engaged in firing a rocket into Israel at the time, according to reports in the Palestinian press.

These Palestinian sources reported that the four were east of the al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip at the time. At this time it isn't clear what organization the four were affiliated with.

The Israeli Air Force confirmed the report, adding the cell was implicated in rocket launches at Israeli towns before.

Israel and Gaza's ruling Hamas have had a tenuous, unwritten truce since a three-week war more than three years ago. Despite that, militants … some from Hamas and others from splinter groups - continue to fire rockets at southern Israel, triggering Israeli airstrikes.

The frequency of the attacks is considerably lower than before the war, when Israel sent forces into Gaza to try to stop the barrages.