Israel Uncovers Another Hezbollah Attack Tunnel Crossing Into Israeli Territory From Lebanon

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Israeli soldiers at Israel's border with Lebanon on December 8, 2018.
Israeli soldiers at Israel's border with Lebanon on December 8, 2018.Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

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The Israeli army said on Saturday evening that it has identified another Hezbollah attack tunnel crossing into Israeli territory

According to the Israel Defense Forces' spokesperson Ronen Manelis, soldiers discovered upon entering the tunnel that it had been dug up until the past several days. "The tunnel is booby-trapped right now in a manner that would endanger the life of anyone attempting to enter it from the Lebanese side," Manelis said. 

The IDF spokesman also explained that the Israeli military is refraining from publishing the exact location of the tunnel so that it could learn more about its terrain. Manelis noted in a statement that the tunnel is situated in an area afflicted by difficult weather conditions, which have plagued Israel in recent days

IDF video of Operation Northern ShieldCredit: Youtube/IDF

Manelis said in his statement that the tunnel was not prepared for military operations, "did not pose a danger and does not pose one now."

The uncovering of the tunnel took place amid an Israel campaign to locate and destroy attack tunnels created by the Shi'ite terror organization. Operation Northern Shield was announced earlier this week, and the army spokesman said that the military will continue with the operation despite the bad weather. 

Israeli troops at the Israel-Lebanon border, December 5, 2018.Credit: Gil Eliyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated after the revelation of the tunnel was announced that "The IDF and the security establishment are continuing their work in the north to much success. Methodically and determinedly, we are wiping out Hezbollah's attack tunnels.

This operation is in its beginnings and requires restraint and patience. We must continue working until it is complete – and this is what we will do."

Earlier Saturday, Israeli troops fired towards three suspects the army believes were Hezbollah operatives who attempted to reach sites where the army is working to destroy tunnels. The suspects crossed the international border between Israel and Lebanon (the Blue Line) but did not breach the border fence. They later fled the scene. 

The army spokesman addressed the incident, saying that "today in the afternoon three people in civilian clothing, presumably Hezbollah operatives, arrived at the site and tried to steal technological equipment that was there. Troops fired at the three and they fled."

Also Saturday, Netanyahu spoke by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Israeli operation to halt Hezbollah's tunnel construction. The two also discussed enhancing the security coordination between Jerusalem and Moscow. 

On Thursday, the military announced that it had uncovered a second Hezbollah tunnel crossing into Israeli territory.  

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