Israel to Reopen Investigation Into Shooting of U.S. Activist

Police to re-examine case of Tristan Anderson of Oakland, critically injured in March 2009 by a tear gas canister during a protest against the West Bank separation barrier.

Israeli police will reopen the investigation into their shooting of a pro-Palestinian U.S. activist last year, the government said on Thursday.

Tristan Anderson of Oakland, California, was critically injured in March 2009 when police hit him with a tear gas canister during a protest against Israel's West Bank separation barrier.

Woman next to West Bank fence

The Justice Ministry closed the case earlier this year after a police found that there had been no criminal intent to harm Anderson.

But Anderson's Israeli attorneys filed an appeal, alleging grave flaws in the investigation.

On Thursday, Justice Ministry spokesman Ron Roman said police have been asked to investigate selected aspects of the case.

Anderson, who suffered brain damage, left an Israeli hospital earlier this month to return to the U.S.