Israel to Move Clocks Forward One Hour Thursday Overnight

Daylight savings will start at 2 A.M, robbing Israelis of one hour of sleep

  Daylight Savings

Israelis will move their clocks forward one hour overnight between Thursday and Friday, from 2 A.M to 3 A.M, losing an hour of sleep.

The Knesset approved the introduction of daylight savings, also known as the summer time clock, back in 2013. Daylight savings kicks in on the Friday before the last Sunday of the month of March every year and lasts until October 27.

Experts say the additional hour of sunlight should reduce the amount of car accidents, strengthen feelings of personal safety, and have generally positive effects on health and wellbeing.

Last Tuesday, a large majority of European Union lawmakers voted in favor of scrapping the practice in 2021, two years later than the EU executive initially proposed. The vote is not the last word on the issue but will form the basis of discussions with EU member countries to produce a final law. The countries have yet to take a stance.

Since 2001, EU law has required all countries in the bloc to observe daylight saving time, moving clocks forward by an hour on the last Sunday of March and back by an hour on the final Sunday in October.

The practice of switching clocks was first introduced in World War One and brought back during the 1970s oil crisis, aiming to save energy by prolonging evening daylight in summer.

The European Commission proposed in September ending the practice after an EU-wide opinion survey showed a large majority in favor of doing so.