Israel Summons Egypt Ambassador Over Conflicting Peace Treaty Remarks

Foreign Ministry source says Yasser Rida asked to explain Egypt Prime Minister's remarks that peace treaty should be revised; earlier, Egypt military council said treaty should be preserved.

The Foreign Ministry summoned Egypt's ambassador to Israel to a meeting on Friday morning, in order to clarify remarks made by Egypt's interim Prime Minister that the Israel-Egypt peace treaty should be revised.

A source in the Foreign Ministry said that Foreign Ministry Director General Rafi Barak requested clarifications over the remarks, especially considering previous contradictory remarks made by the Egypt's military council that the peace treaty should be preserved.

Egypt - AP - September 9, 2011

During the meeting, Barak told Egypt's ambassador to Israel, Yasser Rida, that Israel was not satisfied that the Egyptian youth who took down the flag from Israel's embassy in Cairo last week is being presented as a hero in Egypt, despite the fact that this act is against the international treaty to which Egypt is a signatory.

Tensions in Egypt-Israel relations heightened last Friday, when hundreds of Egyptian protesters broke down parts of a protective concrete wall outside the building housing the Israeli embassy in Cairo. During the attack, a protester pulled down the Israeli flag from the embassy building.

Although eighty Israeli members of staff, including Israel's Ambassador to Egypt Yitzhak Levanon, had been evacuated from the building preceding the attack, six security guards and embassy workers were inside the building when the destructive demonstration took place.

It is still unclear when Levanon will return to the Cairo embassy.