Israel Strikes Hamas Positions in Response to Gaza Rocket Fire

Siren warning of incoming rocket did not go off in southern Israel ■ Israeli tanks and planes attack Hamas outposts in response

Yaniv Kubovich
Jack Khoury
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File photo: image from last week's rocket that fell in Sderot, Israel, Dec 12, 2017
File photo: image from last week's rocket that fell in Sderot, Israel, Dec 12, 2017Credit: Eliyahu Hershkovitz
Yaniv Kubovich
Jack Khoury

A rocket was launched from the p and exploded in southern Israel on Monday night, the Israeli military said. Israel reportedly retaliated, striking two Hamas outposts in southern Gaza.

No injuries were immediately reported and the siren that warns of incoming rockets did not sound. A local regional council said that the sirens did not go off since there was no threat to community residents.

Israeli tanks and planes struck Hamas outposts in the southern Gaza Strip, the military confirmed following reports from Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces said it sees Hamas responsible for all attacks originating from the Strip.

Palestinian media in Gaza reported Israeli tank fire at two Hamas positions, one in Khan Yunis and one in Rafah, both located in the southern part of the enclave.

On Saturday, the that reached from Gaza into Israeli territory. It was clear that Hamas was behind the tunnel, the military said. This was the second Gaza attack tunnel that Israel has destroyed in the last six weeks.

The Israeli army also  early Saturday in retaliation for rockets fired from the Strip on Friday evening. Two Palestinian militants belonging to Hamas' military wing were killed, the group said.

On Thursday, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called on Palestinians following President Donald Trump's announcement that the United States .