Israel's Vaccine Success Scores a Mention on 'South Park'

The 'South Park' vaccination special pokes fun at slow U.S. vaccine roll out, comparing it to Israel's success

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Image from 'South Park' clip showing Israel giving vaccines to the population
Image from 'South Park' clip showing Israel giving vaccines to the populationCredit: Screen grab / Twitter

Israel’s world-leading vaccination drive has made a second entry into American popular culture Wednesday night, this time receiving high praise on Comedy Central’s “South Park.”

The viral clip showed South Park towns folk waiting in line to get vaccines saying, "You know, in Israel they vaccinate everybody. Israel is way cooler than this lame place." The security guard monitoring the line replied: "Then go to Israel."

"I tried but I couldn't get in," jested one of the people waiting.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also tweeting a clip from the show, boasting, “Even in South Park they already know - in Israel they are coming back to life!”

Israel's ambassador to the United States and the UN Gilad Erdan was quick to compare “South Park’s” depiction of Israel’s mass vaccination drive to “Saturday Night Live’s” Michael Che who critically joked in late February that Israel was vaccinating the “Jewish half” of its population.

Erdan tweeted, “Hey @nbcsnl: this is how you do pandemic humor when it comes to Israel. Watch and learn from @SouthPark.”