Israel's Top Court Rejects Jewish Terrorist Teitel's Appeal

Justices leave in place sentence of two life terms plus 30 years against Jack Teitel for two 1997 slayings of two Palestinians and subsequent attacks.

U.S. immigrant and West Bank settler Jack Teitel, convicted of two terrorist murderers, as he appeared in an Israeli court in 2009.
Reuven Castro/AP

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal by Jewish American terrorist Yaacov (Jack) Teitel against two life terms plus 30 years he was given two years ago for murdering two Palestinian and attacking an Israeli professor.

The justices rejected Teitel's plea of insanity, leaving his verdict intact.

Teitel was sentenced in 2013 for shooting to death an Arab taxi driver in Jerusalem in 1997 and killing another man in Hebron later the same year.

Teitel, who lives in the West Bank settlement of Shvut Rachel, was also found guilty of two attempted murders and attacks on Hebrew University Professor Zeev Sternhell and Ariel teenager Ami Ortiz, a relative of Messianic Jews.

In their verdict, Judges Tzvi Segal, Moshe Drori, and Moshe Yoad Hacohen wrote they had found that Teitel acted out of "Hatred and frustration while sacred principles were trampled into dust under his feet."

"Jewish tradition prescribes 'Thou shalt not kill', but the accused closed his ears and eyes, murdered and tried to murder in cold blood."