Israel's Top Court Dismisses Bid to Block Decision on Netanyahu Indictment Before Election

Justices say former Likud activist has no right to intervene in the legal dispute over the timing of the attorney general's decision, while the prime minister's lawyers are considering their own petition

File photo: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit attend a weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, November 1, 2015.
Dan Balilty/AP

The Israeli High Court of Justice dismissed Monday a petition calling for postponing the announcement of Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit's decison on the criminal cases against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until after the April 9 election.

The plaintiff, attorney and former Likud party activist Yossi Fuchs, "intervenes in a dispute that is not his, and is not the right person to file this petition," Justice George Karra wrote in the ruling. Justices stated in their ruling that in the case where an individual is harmed by any decision, they should be the one to petition the court.

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Fuchs claimed that announcing Mendelblit’s decision on whether to recommend filing an indictment against Netanyahu, pursuant to a hearing, before the election violates the right to equality before the law and interferes with the public's right to know, as it would lead to only a partial presentation of the information to the public. 

Netanyahu’s lawyers are considering filing their own petition against Mendelblit in the High Court, after the latter announced on Friday that no legality prevents him from deciding in Netanyahu's corruption cases before the election, as any such decision is not intended to influence the election process.

Last year Fuchs filed a petition with the High Court against releasing the police recommendations to charge Netanyahu, which was also dismissed out of hand, but did cause some delay in announcing them.