Israel’s Supreme Court Rejects Anat Kamm’s Request to Delay Prison Sentence

Kamm, who as an IDF soldier gathered, held and passed on classified information without authorization, will begin serving a prison sentence of four and a half years on Sunday.

Israel’s Supreme Court rejected on Thursday Anat Kamm’s request to delay her sentence until a verdict is reached in her appeal. Following the court’s rejection, Kamm - who as an Israel Defense Forces soldier gathered, held and passed on classified information without authorization – will begin serving her four-and-a-half prison sentence on Sunday.

Judge Miriam Naor said that there was no risk of false imprisonment since Kamm appealed her sentence pleading guilty to the charges in a plea agreement. Originally, Kamm had been charged with espionage.

Anat Kamm
Moti Kimche

During her army service in the bureau of the Central Command commander, Kamm regularly saved copies of documents and slide presentations in a special folder and just before her discharge, copied them onto two CDs.

The documents included plans for military operations, information on troop deployments, summaries of various internal discussions, military targets and intelligence assessments. Of the 2,085 documents she copied, some 700 were classified as "Secret" or "Top Secret."

In September 2008, Kamm met with Haaretz journalist Uri Blau, and gave him a disk-on-key on which she had copied 1,500 documents, of which 150 were classified "Top Secret" and 330 were "Secret."

Blau later wrote several articles based on the documents Kamm had given him. While the articles were submitted to and passed military censorship, their publication spurred the search for his source, though it was around a year before Kamm was arrested.