Daylight Saving Time: Israel's Moving Its Clocks Forward by an Hour Tonight – What You Need to Do

A quick guide to make sure your phones pick up the change and you wake up on time tomorrow

Clocks get updated to summer time in Germany. Israel started to adopt summer time aligning to Europe in 2013
AFP PHOTO / dpa / Patrick Seeger

Israel is transitioning to daylight saving time tonight, as clocks move forward from 2 A.M. to 3 A.M. in the early hours of Friday. The arrangement will last until October.

The Israeli Knesset approved the introduction of summer time back in 2013 thus aligning Israel to Europe. So-called "summer time" kicks in on the Friday before the last Sunday of the month of March every year, and lasts until October 29.

How to set up the right time on your smartphone

  Daylight Savings

Those who have their “set automatically” option turned off, or don’t trust their phone to adapt to the new time automatically, can do it manually. Once the time has been updated manually, you can always reset your phone to “set automatically” so that it is sensitive to GMT changes when you travel.


Clock settings vary between different Android models, but most of the times you can find them either in “General settings” or in “Clock settings.”

In the Settings menu click "Date & Time" and turn off the “Automatic date and time”. Then choose the appropriate time zone - Jerusalem - and set the time and date manually.


Get into the “General Settings” and go on “Date and Time.” Get into “Date and Time” and turn off the “Set Automatically” option. The click on the right time zone  - Jerusalem - and set the time manually.