Israel's Immigration Authority Recommends Indicting Attorney General's Wife

A foreign worker was employed illegally at Yehuda Weinstein's home when he was instated as attorney general.

Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority advised the state attorney’s office to indict Aviva Weinstein, wife of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, of the charge of hiring a foreign worker illegally.

In 2010, Haaretz revealed that when Weinstein was instated as attorney general, an Indian national was employed at his home in housekeeping jobs, even though his permit was limited to nursing care. The foreign worker was employed for a full year on a weekly basis.

The Justice Ministry confirmed late on Tuesday that conclusions of the Population and Immigration Authority’s investigation were sent ten days ago to Deputy Attorney General Shuki Lamberger for consultation and farther instructions. Justice Ministry refused to elaborate on the matter.

Following the recommendation, it seems that the state prosecution will have no choice but to instruct the Population and Immigration Authority to indict Weinstein’s wife, since it is the authority in charge of illegal employment of foreign workers.
Israeli law strictly prohibits anyone without a permit from employing a foreign national. Such permits are issued only for the fields of construction, agriculture, certain industries, ethnic restaurants and home nursing care.