Israel Repeals iPad Ban After Two Weeks of Confiscations

Communications Ministry banned devices for not meeting European standards for wireless use.

The ban has been lifted: The Communications Ministry announced Saturday evening that starting Sunday it will allow Apple's iPad tablet computer into the country, following two weeks of confiscations and confusion.

The order came from Communications Minister Moshe Kahlon, who apparently hadn't been appraised of the initial decision to ban the devices due to their wireless specifications.

The ministry banned importation of the devices last week, saying they did not meet European standards for wireless use of communications frequencies.

In a move to justify the earlier ban, the ministry stated personal imports would now be allowed "immediately, after technical tests were completed by the ministry's professional staff over the last week vis-a-vis Apple officials, European authorities and a well-known international laboratory."

If your iPad was confiscated by customs officials atBen-Gurion International Airport, you can now pick it up.