Israel Police Uncovers $600,000 Drug Deal on Lebanese Border

Resident of northern village of Ghajar arrested after caught tossing money over the border fence, receiving packages of cocaine, heroin.

Israel Police uncovered overnight Friday an attempt to smuggle $600,000 worth of drugs in the northern village of Ghajar on the Lebanese border.

An 18-year-old resident of the village was caught after receiving large quantities of cocaine and heroin and was arrested.

The Northern District Police, in cooperation with the Central Unit of the police, was running an undercover operation along the Israel-Lebanon border. During the operation, a Ghajar resident was spotted tossing money over the fence to the Lebanese side of the border, after which a number of packages were tossed back.

Upon his arrest, the Ghajar resident was in the possession of five kilograms of substance suspected as heroin and two kilograms of substance suspected as cocaine.

Police estimates the value of the confiscated drugs at $600,000.

In response, Chief of the Northern District of the Police, Maj. Gen. Roni Attiya, said that a "methodical operation and the successful undercover investigation by the Northern District Police foiled the distribution of large quantities of drugs within the state of Israel," and promised that the police will act with full force using "every unit and every measure is at our disposal."

Attiya said that the police are "acting with perseverance to significantly reduce the smuggling of drugs through the border," in attempt to intercept the drugs before they reach the dealers. The police, Attiya noted, is acting both by gathering intelligence and by undercover operations.

The suspect will be brought in front of a judge Saturday afternoon.

The Shin Bet Security Service and the Northern District Police recently arrested a cell of Israeli drug smugglers who brought explosive devices sourced by Hezbollah into Israel, a gag order lifted on three weeks ago revealed.

The smugglers were residents of Ghajar and the city of Nazarath and had allegedly been in contact with drug smugglers in Lebanon who were working for Hezbollah.