Israel Police Chief Says Probe of anti-Gideon Sa'ar Letter Is Still Not Over

Police realize more investigation is needed, not only as to whether the letter damning the education minister was forged, but also regarding whether its allegations of sexual harassment is true.

Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino indicated Tuesday that police will investigate further the letter allegedly written by a subordinate of outgoing Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar, which accused him of having a relationship with her that smacked of sexual harassment. Police initially had concluded the letter had been forged.

Last week Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino said at a conference that the police examination of the document "revealed that it was definitely forged." The police initially launched their investigation of the document, sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and various other Likud figures, on the instructions of the attorney general. The letter asks that Sa'ar not be reappointed to his post because of the relationship he had allegedly had with her. After questioning the woman, known only as M.K., the police concluded that the document was a forgery, leading to Danino's statement last week.

However, on Tuesday Danino revisited the subject and it now appears the police realize that more investigation is needed, not only as to whether the letter was forged, but also regarding whether its content is true, even if it was not written by M.K.

"I was asked what happened with the probe into the document and it turned out to be a forgery," Danino said. "There are a great many more actions to be taken both from the aspect of the forgery and additional aspects."