Israel Police Arrest Arab Student Suspect in Jerusalem Stabbing

Jerusalem police arrest 20-year old Beit Iksa resident over stabbing in Ramot, Jerusalem in October; suspect admitted to the charges against him.

Jerusalem police have arrested a suspect in the stabbing that took place in the Ramot neighborhood in northern Jerusalem on October 22.

The arrest took place a few days ago, but media publication was not allowed until Sunday. Jerusalem police worked in coordination with the Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet security services to locate the suspect.   

Zaid Abd al-Rahman - Israel police
Israel police.

The suspect, 20-year old Abdul Rahmu Zaid, a Beit Iksa resident and student from Abu Dis University, admitted to the charges against him, and recounted the incident this morning.

An initial investigation into the incident indicated that the attacker was an Arab man who fled from the scene of the crime and ran through the Ramot forest toward the village of Beit Iksa. Police have determined that the attack had nationalist motives.

A friend of the victim told Haaretz that the two were sitting on a street curb at approximately 4 P.M. when a young Arab man passed by them. According to the friend, the Arab man turned around, headed toward the two, stabbed the man in the back and the stomach, and fled. Security forces arrived on the scene, and combed the area in search for the assailant.

The incident came four days after a prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas Islamists procured freedom for soldier Gilad Shalit held in the Gaza Strip for more than five years, in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinians from Israeli jails charged with lethal attacks against Israelis.

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