Israel Military Appoints First Female Squadron Commander

Major T., who was trained as a transport pilot, has been promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel

Major T., the first female pilot promoted to position of squad commander.
IDF Spokespersons Unit

For the first time in the history of Israels air force, a female pilot has been made a commander of a flight squadron. Major T., who is 35, was trained as a transport pilot.

Air force commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin appointed T. to the position, promoting her to the rank of lieutenant colonel. T. lives in central Israel with her partner and two children.

She formerly served in a transport squadron based in Sde Dov in Tel Aviv, a squadron with transport as well as reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, electronic warfare and photography missions.

In addition, air force commander Norkin appointed Maj. M, a female flight supervisor by training, as chief of a command and control unit at the air forces operations headquarters. She will be promoted to Lt. Colonel, becoming the first female flight supervisor to attain this rank.