Israel Issues Urgent Travel Warning to Sinai Fearing Terror Attacks

Counter Terrorism Bureau says terror agents planning to kidnap Israelis pose a real threat to those vacationing in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

Israel's Counter Terrorism Bureau issued Saturday a travel warning to the Sinai Peninsula and called on all Israelis vacationing there to quickly return to Israel, fearing possible attacks by terror agents.

The bureau also urged the families of Israelis vacationing in Sinai to contact their relatives and to notify them of the travel warning.

Sinai, Egypt protests

Israeli security forces say they have updated information that terrorist organizations are continuing their efforts to abduct Israeli tourists in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula for bargaining purposes.

According to the announcement by the Counter Terrorism Bureau, terror agents that are residing in Sinai are coordinating plans for such attacks with local collaborators.

"The security situation in Sinai is unstable and the [terrorists'] intent to carry out attacks pose a real danger to the Israelis presently located in Sinai," the announcement read.

Early Saturday morning, IDF planes attacked a cell of Palestinian militants in the southern Gaza Strip which according to the IDF spokesperson were planning to kidnap Israelis over the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover.

Palestinian sources have confirmed that three men were killed in the attack.

The Islamic militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza, later issued a
statement saying the men killed were Hamas militants. They called the strike a crime and vowed revenge. Earlier, some Gaza officials had said that they belonged to the Islamic Jihad group.