Israel Issues Travel Warning for India, Citing New Year's Eve Terror Threat

The counter-terrorism bureau cautions against attending crowded events for the holiday in the southern and western parts of subcontinent.

An Indian woman takes a selfie with a Santa Claus doll displayed for sale at a shop in Chennai on December 22, 2016.
Arun Sankar, AFP

Israel's counter-terrorism bureau published a travel warning for India on Friday, in anticipation of possible attempts to carry out attacks against Western tourists in the southern and western parts of the country in the immediate future.

The counter-terrorism bureau recommends that Israeli tourists in India avoid attending New Year's events or visiting marketplaces, festivals or crowded shopping centers.

"We ask to focus on events in the coming days related to the Christian New Year's holiday, placing  particular emphasis on beach parties and clubs, where there are larger concentrations of tourists," the counter-terrorism bureau said.

"Israeli tourists traveling in India are asked to stay alert and to pay attention to local media reports and security agencies.  Furthermore, families with relatives in India" are asked to update them about the travel warning and recommendation. 

In 2008, 10 Pakistani terrorists killed 166 people, among them five Israelis, in a series of attacks in Mumbai, targeting hotels, a central train station, popular café and a Chabad house. Local and national security services in India were harshly criticized for their delayed response to the capture of hostages in various parts of the city. In 2012, the spouse of a Defense Ministry representative was moderately wounded in an explosion in her car near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi.