Israel Hit by Heatwave as Temperatures Reach 122 Degrees Fahrenheit in Eilat

Heaviest heatwave in 3 years hits the southern Israeli city; vacationers and Eilat residents warned to avoid the sun and spend the toasty days in the shade with plenty of water.

Temperatures soared throughout Israel on Monday peaking at a scorching 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) in the southern city of Eilat in the afternoon.


Eilat meteorologists said that high temperatures to this degree havn't been measured since 2007, and prior to that since 2002. "High temperatures in Eilat are not rare in the summer, but these kind of heights aren’t measured on an annual basis," a meteorologist told Haaretz.

The annual temperature average in Eilat is 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 degrees Fahrenheit).

Vacationers and Eilat residents have been warned to avoid the sun and rather spend the toasty summer days in the shade with plenty of cold beverages, most preferably water.

Another peak was reached as Israelis attempted to avoid the staunching heat and reached a peak in the electricity consumption – reaching 10,600 megawatts, of which Israel Electric Corp. provided approximately 10, 050 MW and the rest was provided by private electricity producers and businesses that have agreements with the Electric Corporation.

Similar to previous years, the electric corp. has expressed concern that it will not withstand the demand for electricity during the summer, and has asked the public to try and divert electricity consumption to the early hours of the morning and the evening.

Tuesday's forecast remains hotter than usual for the season.