Israel Extends Detention of Palestinian Teen Who Was Filmed Slapping Soldier in Viral Video

For third time this week, judges say Ahed Tamimi should remain in custody with her mother; Tamimi's cousin can be released, but is still being held pending appeal

TOPSHOT - Palestinian Ahed Tamimi (C), 16-year-old prominent campaigner against Israel's occupation, appears at a military court at the Israeli-run Ofer prison in the West Bank village of Betunia on December 28, 2017.

A military court on Thursday extended the detention until Monday of Ahed Tamimi, the 16-year-old Palestinian girl who was recently filmed slapping and punching Israeli soldiers in her West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. The detention of Ahed’s mother, Nariman, was also extended until Monday. The pair have been held since December 19.

Ahed's cousin Nour Tamimi, who also appeared in the video clip and was seen hitting a soldier, was ordered released, but her release was stayed pending possible appeal of the decision by a military prosecutor. She was arrested on December 20.

The video attracted wide attention on social media, along with criticism of the soldiers for their restraint in not responding to being hit. Nariman Tamimi, Ahed's mother, broadcast the incident live on Facebook Live and is suspected of incitement.

According to police, the investigation of the incident in Nabi Saleh has progressed and Ahed and Nariman Tamimin are suspected of involvement in other incidents as well. Ahed linked herself to two cases of interference with Israeli soldiers and one stone throwing incident.

According to the Israeli army, prior to the assault on the soldiers who appear in the video, there had been what the army termed "disturbances of the peace" that also included stone throwing in Nabi Saleh. In the course of the disturbances, a 15-year-old relative of the Tamimis was wounded by a rubber-tipped bullet and hospitalized.

In its request on Monday for an extension of Ahed Tamimi's detention, police said it was necessary due to the risk that the teen could obstruct the investigation. Military court Judge Chaim Bililti ruled that she and her mother should remain in detention due to the potential risk that they both pose.