LISTEN: Israel’s Ready for Coronavirus – but Not for Women in Power

Can a women’s party shake up Israel’s deadlocked political landscape? Is Israel ready for a Coronavirus outbreak? Why are none of the parties addressing the global climate emergency? And can Ben & Jerry's sweeten a bitter election campaign? LISTEN FREE

A man with a mask on his face prays at the Western Wall on Sunday Feb. 16, 2020, during a prayer session asking for divine intervention to help stave off coronavirus.
AP / Ariel Schalit

Just days ahead of Israel's third election in under a year, host Simon Spungin is joined by Dina Kraft and Ruth Schuster for a wide-ranging discussion of some of the issues that have flown under the radar in this campaign.

We discuss the formation of a new women's party, dedicated to advancing issues of gender equality and to stamping out violence against women.

Israel's ready for corona - but not for women in powerHaaretz Weekly Ep. 65

We also ask why none of the parties have put the global climate emergency on their platforms, despite the fact that it appears to be the most important issue for young voters.

To wrap things up, we check in on Israel's preparedness for an outbreak of the Coronavirus here and get an update on the case of alleged child abuser Malka Leifer and the six-year battle to extradict her to Asutralia, where she is facing 74 sexual abuse charges.

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