Israel Denies Its Forces Killed 12-year-old Palestinian Boy

Contradicting a Palestinian claim that the boy died of gunfire during clashes, Israeli security forces say no live fire was used in the area.

An archive photo of the entrance to Al-Ram, a village north of Jerusalem.
Emil Salman

A 12-year-old boy from the West Bank village of Al-Ram was killed by gunfire during clashes with Israeli forces, the Palestinian Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

Israel's military and Border Police denied using live fire in the area and speculated that the boy's death was a result of a local dispute between rival families.

Palestinian reports said that the boy was shot in the chest on Tuesday afternoon in clashes that erupted in Al-Ram. He was then transferred for treatment to a nearby hospital in Ramallah but died of his wounds hours later.

However, residents of the village contradicted the Palestinian Health Ministry statement. They said that the boy's death should be investigated since direct evidence of the circumstances that lead to the incident was not immediately available. They claimed that the medical teams that arrived to treat the boy at the scene were not sure what was had happened there.