Israel Charges Four With Passing Hamas Funds to Palestinian Prisoners

East Jerusalem attorney and her brother suspected of orchestrating the affair; director of post office and Gaza resident also indicted.


Suspects in transfer of terror funds to Palestinian prisoners
Daniel Bar-On

An Arab attorney from East Jerusalem has been charged with transferring funds from Hamas and Islamic Jihad to Palestinian security prisoners jailed in Israel, a gag order lifted on Monday revealed.

The Israeli Arab director of an East Jerusalem branch of the Israel Postal Services, a resident of the Gaza Strip and another resident of East Jerusalem have also been charged with conspiracy in the affair.

The attorney in question, Shirin Isawi, is suspected of orchestrating the transfer of thousands of shekels via the Kalandiya checkpoint near Jerusalem. Her brother, Madehet Isawi, is suspected of depositing the money into the prisoners' bank accounts. The director of the East Jerusalem post office, a resident of Abu Ghosh, allegedly enabled the transfer.

The two central suspects allegedly bypassed the legal procedures which stipulate that only a limited amount of money - NIS 1,300 per month - can be deposited into prisoners' accounts, and by family members alone.

According to the indictment, the funds were passed from Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives in the Gaza Strip to the prisoners from the East Jerusalem postal branch. On the day of ther arrest, Shirin Isawai was carrying $100,00 and NIS 53,000 in cash.