Israel Cancels MKs Visit to Joseph's Tomb Due to Palestinian Threats

Eretz Yisrael lobby requested the visit by MKs following last month's killing of the nephew of Minister Limor Livnat by Palestinian security forces at the West Bank site.

Israeli security services decided to cancel the planned visit of Knesset members to the West Bank compound of Joseph's Tomb on Tuesday due to Palestinian threats to forcefully prevent the visit.

The Eretz Yisrael lobby, headed by MKs Ze'ev Elkin and Aryeh Eldad, requested that the MKs visit the site in order to illustrate Israeli sovereignty in Joseph's Tomb, in particular after the killing of the nephew of Minister Limor Livnat at the site last month by Palestinian security forces.

On Monday, rumors began circulating in the Palestinian Authority regarding the planned visit by the MKs. A spokesman for the PA's security forces told the Palestinian news agency Wafa that the visit was not planned so for this reason they cannot allow it.

Moreover, Palestinian Facebook groups called on people to take to the streets in the early morning to protest the visit. Following these developments, Israeli security forces decided that there is no need to spark confrontations on the issue and have subsequently decided to cancel the visit.

Last month, Ben-Joseph Livnat, a 25-year-old father of four and nephew of Culture and Science Minister Limor Livnat in the West Bank, was killed by Palestinian security forces when they opened fire on three cars full of Israelis who entered Joseph's Tomb without permission.