ISIS Says Israel Killed Four of Its Members in Sinai Strike

Members killed by drone were planning a rocket attack at Israel, ISIS-aligned news agency reports.

Photo published by ISIS shows an explosion as militants attack a police checkpoint in Sinai, Egypt, January 9, 2017.

The Islamic State group claimed through affiliated media on Sunday that Israel killed four members of its Sinai branch on Saturday.

The ISIS-aligned Amaq News agency said that four were killed by an Israeli drone and that they had been planning on firing rockets at Israel.

According to the report, the four were traveling in a vehicle in a Sinai village near rafah on the border with Gaza.

Mohammed Id, a Palestinian from Gaza, was reportedly among those killed in the strike.

Two weeks ago, ISIS in Sinai claimed a barrage of rockets fired at the southern city of Eilat a day before. Amaq announced that the affiliate, which calls itself the Sinai Province, fired several Grad rockets toward the Red Sea resort city. The report stated that the war against "the infidels" will continue and that the war against ISIS will not help the unbelievers.