ISIS Publishes First-ever Video in Hebrew: 'Not a Single Jew Will Remain in Jerusalem'

Following calls by the group on Palestinians to launch additional attacks on Israelis, new video warns that 'the real war has yet to begin.'

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ISIS member addresses Israelis in group's first Hebrew-language video. October 23, 2015.Credit: YouTube

The Islamic State group has published its first-ever video in Hebrew on Friday, in which a masked member of the terror group threatens that "not one Jew will remain in Jerusalem" or Israel.

Dressed in full army regalia and speaking with an Arabic accent, the ISIS member addresses "the Jews occupying the Muslims" to inform them that "the real war has not yet begun and everything you have seen until now is only a child's game," he said, invoking a Hebrew idiom.

"Do what you want in the meantime, but then we will make you pay ten times over," he said.

The masked Islamist then taunts Israel over the recent string of terror attacks, saying "look what happens to you after a number of stabbing and car attacks from our brothers in Palestine. You've been turned on your head," he said, using the Hebrew slang for losing control.

"You're afraid of every speeding driver and every person holding something in their hand," he said.

"This is not just talk," he warned, "this will hit you from every direction, north and south, and our account with you grows daily."

In wake of the recent string of attacks and increasing violence, ISIS launched an unprecedented media campaign calling on Palestinians to step up attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians, taking advantage of a wave of violence between the two sides to deliver rare incitement against Israel.

In a video posted Monday, the group urged Palestinians to carry out attacks using every means at their disposal, including knives, vehicles, poison and explosives.

ISIS has no organized presence in the West Bank or Gaza Strip. But dozens of Palestinians in Gaza are believed to be inspired by the group's extremist ideology, seeing Gaza's Islamic militant Hamas rulers as too soft.

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